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Southcote IT Experience

The SITE Management Committee Constitution

1. Aims

1.1 The SITE will aim to raise awareness and usage of Information and Communications Technology by providing free computer training to the community of Southcote. It will especially target those members of our community who have been, or are being excluded from the opportunities that IT can offer.

1.2 To ensure the training and other associated SITE clubs are delivered which meet the needs of the target groups.

1.3 To ensure standards and effectiveness of training provision is maintained.

1.4 To deliver a provision based on quality not quantity and in the most economic, effective and efficient means, bearing in mind best value.

1.5 To allocate resources to deliver services within the SITE’s priorities and respond to changes in those priorities.

1.6 To expand the SITE to maximise the range and diversity of IT training and provision and to develop partnership working with the public and private sector business community, Reading Borough Council and the needs of the local community.


2. Objectives of the SITE Project

2.1 Youth Services

2.1.1 To recognise the link between social exclusion and young people and the need to expand SITE for our youth and in a manner that meets with the expectations and aspirations of our young people and the local community.

2.1.2 To work towards opening up the SITE and associated clubs, in partnership with Reading Borough Council, the Southcote Children’s Centre and private/public sector partners as a multi-use resource in a way that gives our young people somewhere to meet more often.

2.1.3 To liaise with our young people on IT provision.


2.2 Lifelong Learning

2.2.1 To recognise that local Lifelong Learning opportunities are a key to sustainable communities. The SITE will seek to identify, provide and promote opportunities to support Lifelong Learning initiatives to all members of our community.

2.2.2 To develop links with other education providers and similar type projects.


2.3 Community Aspirations

2.3.1 To recognise, encourage, motivate and welcome the SITE use as an accessible resource.

2.3.2 To liaise and engage with the local community on the delivery of the range and scope of SITE courses, provision and facilities.

2.3.3 To welcome, encourage and motivate community volunteers.


2.4 Communication

2.4.1 To recognise the need to communicate, consult and inform users and potential users of the SITE.

2.4.2 To work with other Southcote groups, associations, schools, churches, clubs etc to produce a joined-up writing approach to SITE provision (single surfer clubs, creche facilities).


2.5 SITE Training Room Appearance

2.5.1 To take pride in the appearance of the SITE training room.

2.5.2 To ensure repairs are reported in the most effective manner to the Southcote Community Centre manager.

2.5.3 To ensure the SITE training room is incorporated into the centre’s programme of cleaning and that it is undertaken in a proper and on a regular basis. This will form part of the Service Level Agreement between the SITE and Reading Borough Council.


2.6 Statistical, Performance and Service Levels

2.6.1 To identify a valid set of performance and service level statistics to monitor training and other provisions as appropriate to the SITE project and working in partnership with Reading Borough Council.


3. Membership

3.1 The SITE Project Committee shall consist of the following members:

3.1.1 One representative from each of any SITE group.

3.1.2 All IT trainers

3.1.3 Any other person the Southcote Community Centre may wish to co-opt who has a legitimate interest in the services provided by the project.


3.2 There is no maximum size for the SITE Project Committee.


3.3 In all cases each representative will continue to hold office until either the group appointing them makes an alternative appointment or the representative notifies the chair of the SITE Committee that she/he wishes to resign.


3.4 At its first meeting and annually thereafter the SITE Committee shall appoint from its members a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who shall not be a member of staff of Reading Borough Council employed at the project.


4 Meetings of the SITE Project Committee

4.1 Meetings shall be held at least 4 times a year. The quorum shall be four members in addition to the senior member of staff for the project or a representative of the Director of Education and Children’s  Services – ADD OTHERS!

4.2 The Director of Education and Community Services or his or her representative(s) shall be empowered to attend all meetings of the SITE Committee and to speak, but not to vote

4.3 Special meetings of the Committee may be called by the Chairperson or by any four members of the Committee at seven clear days' written notice.


5. The SITE Project Committee Responsibilities

5.1 The SITE Project Committee will be asked to consider and endorse:

5.1.1 Report(s) from the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, staff from Reading Borough Council with overall responsibility for the Community Centre (as appropriate to the SITE Project, 6.2) and other members of the committee.

5.2 The SITE may raise and manage funds at its discretion and where appropriate will look for partnership funding opportunities.

5.3 The Committee has the ability to set up sub-groups to look at specific issues or areas and to report to the main SITE committee to include conclusions and or recommendations.

5.4 The Chair, Vice-Chair and/or other person(s) nominated by the SITE committee carry out an audit on the allocation of keys to the centre at least twice a year, working with the senior member of staff from Reading Borough Council with overall responsibility for the Southcote Community Centre,  and make recommendations to the main Committee.

5.5 The SITE shall hold an Annual General Meeting as far as practicable in July of each year. Not less that 21 days notice of an AGM shall be given to Members of the Committee. Where practicable, The SITE committee will produce an annual end of year published report.

5.6 To carry out a twice yearly audit of SITE equipment and storage capability.


6. Partnership Working with Reading Borough Council

6.1 A Partnership Agreement will be drawn up between the SITE Management Committee and Reading Borough Council. This will be subject to constant review and mechanisms will be included on amendments, alterations or additions to that agreement.

6.2 Each meeting of the SITE Committee will include a specific agenda item to discuss our partnership working arrangements and/or items of interest/relevance to the SITE Committee.


7. Changes to the Constitution

7.1 The SITE Committee may change their constitution to suit the particular needs of the project by a vote of all members of the group. At least two thirds of the members of the group are required to approve such a proposed change.


8. Equal Opportunities

8.1 The SITE Committee is committed to Equal Opportunities for all, irrespective of race, colour, creed, ethnic or national origins, gender, martial status, sexuality, disability or age.


9. Selection and Recruitment of Personnel

9.1 Officers of the SITE Committee will be invited to participate in the appointment of staff at the project, including shortlisting and interviewing, subject to the Committee Member having been trained in the Reading Borough Council's recruitment and selection procedures.

9.2 The SITE Committee and Officers will seek to ensure that the composition of the SITE, staff and volunteers represents that of the local community.

9.4 Where members of the SITE Committee or its partners do not feel it is meeting its aims, the Committee will ensure that an action plan is devised with the aim of improving the situation, and that this action plan is implemented.

9.5 The SITE Committee will, and where appropriate, working in partnership with the public and private sector, seek to identify training and development opportunity courses for volunteers.


10. Finance

10.1 The funds of the SITE Project shall be kept in a Bank or Building Society approved by the Committee.

10.2 The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the SITE.

10.3 All cheques to be signed by any two of the following people:  Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary

10.4 The Accounts shall be audited prior to the Annual General Meeting by an auditor approved by the SITE Committee.

10.5 All accounts, books and/or records of the SITE Committee shall be open to inspection by any member of the Committee, on reasonable notice to the Treasurer. Reasonable notice shall be not less than two weeks.


11. Dissolution of the SITE Committee

11.1 In the event of committee deciding to dissolve the SITE then it shall notify all members and partners at a special meeting. There must be at least 21 days notice for a dissolution meeting, and for the sole purpose of dissolution, a quorum need not apply.

11.2 Upon the winding up or dissolution of SITE any money or property belonging to the group remaining, after payment of all expenses, debts and liabilities properly incurred, shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of SITE but shall be distributed among such charitable or non-profit making organisations operating within the region served by SITE having objects similar to some or all of the objects of SITE.

11.3 All books and/or documents shall be placed with a person, organisation or partner for safe keeping as the meeting shall determine.


The foregoing constitution was made at a meeting of The SITE Management Committee held:


Thursday 13th April 2000